You may be feeling like your plan for Easter brunch is missing something really important, and that’s probably because you haven’t decided which cocktails you’ll be serving. We all know that the most important aspect of a party, aside from the experience & memories gained through gathering with friends and family, is the cocktails – there’s no need to pretend otherwise! Not only do they provide a stress-reducing buzz, but they’re often the highlight of Instagram posts because let’s admit it, cocktails are photogenic. We want your party to be amazing, so we’ve gathered some aesthetic Easter themed cocktail recipes for you to try out this year. 

Grapefruit Cocktails

Grapefruit is a perfect flavor for Springtime. It’s light, citrusy, a little tart, and is a gorgeous orange-pink color that meshes with Easter so well. These refreshing grapefruit recipes focus on simplicity, and garnish with rosemary & fresh grapefruit or lavender & brûléed grapefruit, making them both great options for your Easter get together.

Rosemary Grapefruit Refresher | Lavender & Brûléed Grapefruit Greyhound 

Bunny Punch
Okay, wait, icecream?! Now that I’ve got your attention, this ambrosial cocktail features colors of Spring along with a taste of dessert. This one will definitely have your guests visiting the bar cart more than once during your party, and is tied together with charming DIY bunny tail stirrers. This is the perfect cocktail for those with a sweet tooth!
Cottontail Martini
This elegant, clean looking martini is definitely one for the recipe books. This cocktail features a coconut flavor with accents of tropical fruit, and the adorable marshmallow tail really ties it all together.
Pretty Pink Gin & Tonic

The garnish always brings together the entire appearance of a cocktail. In this pretty pink gin & tonic, the use of thyme and flowers make this drink a perfect option for Easter. This recipe is simple and you can use flowers or herbs from your own garden to create a lovely garnish.

Pretty Pink Gin & Tonic 

24 Carrots Cocktail

Try out this 24 Carrot cocktail for a sweet, earthy flavor and a zest of spicy muddled ginger, creamy egg white and edible flowers. But what’s super unique and let’s face it, adorable, are the mini carrot garnishes. Whether you choose this recipe or not, those are definitely a must for this Easter and can be added to crudite platters, grazing boards, or obviously, cocktails!

24 Carrot Cocktail

Easter Bunny Mary
Calling all bloody mary-lovers with this recipe, spice things up with a carrot-based bloody! The best part about a bloody mary is the edible garnishes. Throw in a stalk of celery, carrots, olives, or go all out and add in some antipasto meats & cheeses for a grab-and-go drink/snack.
Sensation Cocktail
This mint & lemon based cocktail is a refreshingly tart choice for those that aren’t a huge fan of sweet and fruity flavors. The lemon peel with mint is a cute touch of Easter and doesn’t go overboard on the appearance, making it a sour and simple recipe.
Gin & Violet Cocktail
Looking to keep things sweet & simple? This cocktail features a strong floral taste, and the rim of the drink is decorated with lemon(to seal) & sugar, providing a sweet and sour taste when your lips touch the glass. The pastel violet color of this cocktail makes it perfect for a pastel Easter themed party.
Easter Cocktails with Peeps
Whether you enjoy them or not, Peeps are a BIG part of traditional Easter candy, and they definitely make for a cute, easy garnish for your holiday drinks. These pink themed cocktails are sure to create a buzz with your guests! 
Cadbury Creme Egg Martini
To end on a sweet note, this Cadbury creme egg martini is sure to turn heads at your party. This cocktail is creamy and delectable, and the chocolate rim and Cadbury creme egg garnish really brings this recipe together.

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